The Lancashire Wellbeing Service will help you to;

• Change the way you think

• Challenge your fears

• Be all you can be

• Give back

• Take Control and live your life

• Bounce Back and stay strong


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Lancashire Wellbeing Service
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The Lancashire Wellbeing Service is a targeted service provided across Lancashire, aiming to support adults (18 years plus), families and carers who are understood to have long term health conditions, low level emotional health and with lifestyle or social issues. The service predominantly works with people at high or moderate risk, comprising approximately 20% of the adult population.

The service utilises a number of specialised methods to improve the lives of vulnerable people including coaching and motivational interviewing techniques to ensure effective engagement whilst putting significant emphasis on enablement/self-care, alternatives to medical and clinical interventions, reduced dependency and positive behavioural change.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are also embedded within the service approach placing an emphasis on people being active, learning, giving, connecting and taking notice as tools to improve health and wellbeing.

Referrals can be made 24/7 via our online referral form or via 03450 138 208 (the majority of our core work takes place between Monday and Friday 8am to 6pm.).

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The Five Ways to Wellbeing

You can improve your mood by doing some or all of the following five ways to feeling great.
Try it – it will make a difference!

  • Lancashire Wellbeing Service
  • Lancashire Wellbeing Service
  • Lancashire Wellbeing Service
  • Lancashire Wellbeing Service
  • Lancashire Wellbeing Service

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